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Precision Endodontics

Vancouver Root Canal and Dental Surgery

Our office is progressive and utilizes advanced technology in endodontics for your root canal or dental surgery treatment.  With surgical microscopy, digital x-rays, 3D cone-beam CT, and a paperless office system, your comfort, health, and well-being come first.
Vancouver Endodontics Office

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Root Canal Diagnosis

We use special surgical operating microscopes adapted for dentistry throughout all phases of your endodontic treatment. These precise instruments allow us to visualize fine details inside your tooth. We also use low radiation digital radiography to take images of your teeth, which can be viewed on monitors in each treatment room.  We offer the latest CBCT (cone beam computerized tomography) technology which allows us to visualize your teeth and the supporting structures in 3D, thereby allowing us to accurately diagnose and treat lesions with low radiation.