May 19, 2020

New Surgically Clean Air units added to our office

Surgically Clean Air filtration system is an elevated standard of air filtration. When it comes to our patient’s health, we don’t make compromises. Standard home air filtration systems have simple filters that take a lot of debris out of the air but their filters may not catch the airborne dangers, and they often don’t have enough power to circulate clean air throughout an entire office. The Surgically Clean Air system is a medical-grade air cleaning system, equipped with a multi-stage filtration process that is designed to remove the harmful particles, big and small, and to clean the office of viruses, odors, gases, mold, and allergens. Surgically Clean Air Purifiers have been proven to remove 99% of indoor air pollutants (i.e. viruses, bacteria, and fungus). We are thrilled to have this system in our office, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.
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